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Project 1: Li'l Squirt - Soda Bottle Water Rocket

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.", and here we are starting small, very small! Project 1 has been christened Li'l Squirt , it is really just to get going, try out a few different simple things, get the 3D Printer busy, different printing settings etc. seeing what pressures it could handle,  It is a simple 500ml soda bottle water rocket.  Engine Nozzle I started off by having a look on Thingiverse to see if anyone had created any nozzles. Sure enough, I found one. Downloaded the STL file and printed it off. AtomKemp - Soda Bottle Water Rocket Kit - Creating the Launch Mount Next, I need to get some way of pressurising the bottle, and needed something to insert the nozzle into. I modelled up an adaptor in Tinkercad. The Launch Mount can be found at: The first print was looking looking good half way through, I say was , because

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