1st attempts at 3D Modelling: 50mm OD Rocket Sections.

I have never done any form of 3D modelling before. Tinkercad kept coming up as a "simple to get going" web based application for building models.

I watched a couple of tutorial videos and then just started to drop some shapes and holes onto the page and had a play around.

To begin with I had the 'what I am doing, that's not what I am trying to get' moments, but slowly you start to think about how an object is constructed and how the additive or removal of the various shapes starts to combine into the object.

After a few false starts, I started with a blank page and started to assemble 3 components to make up a simple 50 mm diameter rocket. A nose cone, body segment and nozzle section. I also put little pins and holes onto the end faces to see if it helps with alignment when joining them together.

I did the body section as 100 mm length, so in theory you could add more together to increase the length however you want.

Once I get my 3D Printer up and running I will print it out and see how it looks. I did run the nose cone through a slicer and it appears to form okay.

I made the components public on Tinkercad and you can find them at:

I may tweak them some more or adjust them slightly depending how well they print out once I get the printer up and running.

Main objective was to get to grips with the software!


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